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SOLA provides a space for individuals, couples, and families to address the highs and lows of everyday life. Circumstances can overwhelm your ability to manage your feelings and emotions. Diagnoses can require therapeutic support to assist in healing. Whatever your concern may be, SOLA’s highly trained practitioners are equipped with the necessary skills to address challenges with science-based therapies that aim to increase your functionality, and help you thrive.

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Substance-Use & Addiction are common and result from the abuse of a substance in order to ‘numb or escape’ from internalized pain. We help get to the root of this pain, reducing suffering and shifting the need for addictive substance to be abused.


Anxiety is currently the most common mental health challenge we treat for adults and children. Anxiety is often associated with concepts of perfectionism, 'Type A' personalities or worrying. Anxiety is problematic as reduces overall well-being, social connection, and emotional regulation. We support clients in understanding Anxiety so it can be controlled rather than simply managed.


Depression is associated with intense feelings of sadness, lack of motivation and extreme physical fatigue. Depression has a range of categories that include depression, post-partum depression and manic depression. While it is normal for individuals to feel sadness from time to time, depression symptoms last for longer periods and their debilitating effects need therapeutic treatment for recovery. We support clients in their recovery, connecting with various resources to ensure a client’s depression is managed and reduced.


Grief and Loss are emotional experiences that every person faces at some point in their lifetime. Though Grief and Loss is typically associated with the loss of a loved one, there are other causes for this challenge that can relate to job loss, moving, relationship shifts, physical ability, medical diagnosis, divorce, even the Covid 19 pandemic. Through our support, we can uncover new perspectives and aim to shift the grief process from suffering to growth.


Eating disorders typically are identified as bulimia, anorexia nervosa and binge eating. However, other body-related disorders such as body dysmorphia, orthorexia, anorexia athletica can be associated with this area of concern. Typically, intrusive thoughts about one’s body are common and symptomatic of deeper concerns that can be resolved with therapeutic support.


Humans need connection. Relationships of love and safety signify the most important aspects of connection one has. Sometimes relationships can shift resulting in separation or divorce. This is a difficult process for individuals to navigate as it affects the emotional, sexual, financial, and even spiritual aspects of daily life. Relationships of family and friends can also be impacted. Through therapeutic support, this process can be clarified and managed with strength-based perspectives.

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Experience meaningful perspective changes through effective counselling and therapy, that significantly increase well-being and life satisfaction.

We offer complementary 15-minute consultations to support you.

This consultation session will enable our practitioners to understand your needs and ensure we are an ideal fit for you. Much like dating, we want to make certain a ‘connection’ with your practitioner is created and encourage all prospective clients to have a free consultation prior to booking an entire session.

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