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Life & Career Transitions

The word transition comes from the Latin word “transire,” which means to go across and often refers to the process, not the end result. Thus, “transitioning” is the act of making a change, of going from one set of characteristics or circumstances to another. It may not be instantaneous; more often, a series of steps or phases will be involved to get to the end result.

We go through many voluntary or involuntary transitions throughout our lifetimes. These transitions may reflect becoming an adult, parent, partner, widow, caregiver, etc. Professionally, we may experience transitions within promotions, job loss, buying or selling a business, or even a full career shift. Typically, within any transition, there is an emotional experience of grief and loss combined with fear, even excitement. Subsequent mental health concerns related to imposter syndrome or difficulties with personal worth can become apparent. Fortunately, through therapeutic processing, abilities can be further realized, and individuals can gain perspectives that support empowerment within a transition, creating lasting and positive results.


Though a life transition can be difficult and sometimes painful, there is growth within it. Being stuck never reduces a sense of discomfort and will perpetually increase disempowerment. Through therapeutic support, individuals can shift from being ‘stuck’ to moving through a life transition with awareness and tools to help them succeed. Remember that nothing changes when nothing changes.

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Regardless of the type of transition, it can be a complex time where emotion pre-empts rational decision-making. At SOLA, we work with individuals and couples during transition times to provide perspective and insight into the current situation. Our team uses Associational Thinking to bring various facets of the picture together to reframe the emotional challenge you are facing. This provides clarity and informs decision-making.

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Careers In Canada

It is estimated that most people will have 12 jobs during their lives. In the last year, 32% of those 25 to 44 have considered a career change. Since starting their first job after college, 29% of people have completely changed fields. Courtesy of Apollo Technical.

We offer complementary 15-minute consultations to support you.

This consultation session will enable our practitioners to understand your needs and ensure we are an ideal fit for you. Much like dating, we want to make certain a ‘connection’ with your practitioner is created and encourage all prospective clients to have a free consultation prior to booking an entire session.

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The Emotional Effects of Divorce and Separation

Can Be Long Lasting

And can affect your ability to successfully move into a new relationship. Taking the time to fully heal after the transition is difficult, but just like Loss & Grief healing is not a linear process. There are good days and bad days and understanding that you might take five steps forward one day and then retreat two steps the next day will give you permission heal at your own pace.

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Divorce and Separation

Divorce Rates in Canada

As a whole, Canadians who are married have become older during this period, which is partly the result of general population aging in Canada. Also, younger generations are increasingly opting for common-law unions instead of getting married. Age-specific divorce rates tend to be relatively lower for older adults: 4.2 per 1,000 for those ages 50 and older in 2020, compared with 7.7 per 1,000 among those under age 50. With older adults accounting for a growing share of the married population as younger people choose common-law, these factors converge to push down the divorce rate. Courtesy Vanier Institute.

We offer complementary 15-minute consultations to support you.

This consultation session will enable our practitioners to understand your needs and ensure we are an ideal fit for your therapeutic work. Much like dating, we want to ensure the ‘connection’ with your practitioner is there and support all new clients to connect with a SOLA counsellor for free prior to a full session booking.

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