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Men’s Health

Women are much more likely to seek support for mental health concerns. This is partly due to the fact men are highly socialized to repress their emotional needs, thus creating a stigmatized action in seeking mental health support. For example, men with depression may express their illness through typically “masculine” behaviours such as isolation, aggression or addiction. Some psychologists argue that while women with depression tend to “act in” through emotions like worthlessness, helplessness, and guilt, men are more likely to “act out” through expressions of anger, poor impulse control, and substance abuse.

These behaviours tend to increase in ferocity and frequency the longer the underlying issue is left unchecked. While it is undeniable that men experience the same benefits from engaging in therapy as women, the therapeutic approach might need to slightly shift. The therapeutic result is a reduction in painful symptoms related to a man’s underlying issues as the therapeutic work strengthens.

To Be A Man Is To Be An Island

Men are socialized to support a certain persona of emotional repression and control. As a result, the increased mental health concerns related to men are highly undiagnosed and untreated. Through the work of therapeutic support, psycho-education and uniquely tailored masculine perspectives, men can unlearn the socialized expectations of their emotional repression and gain healthy insights to support their own needs, creating overall fulfillment.

Working with men to support

Their Unique Issues

SOLA Counselling has been working with men to support their unique issues. Our approach is centred on providing a guided approach that we found resonates well. In some cases, a more direct approach is required to ``unstick`` some of the obstacles that are holding back the healing journey.

Facts About

Men's Health


Nearly one in four women received mental health treatment (24.7%) in the past 12 months, compared with 13.4% of men (Figure 2).

Women were more likely than men to have taken medication for their mental health (20.6% and 10.7%, respectively) and to have received counselling or therapy from a mental health professional (11.7% and 7.2%) in the past 12 months. Courtesy of CDC 

Suicide Rates amongst Men

The suicide rate among males in 2020 was 4 times higher than among females.

Males make up 49% of the population but nearly 80% of suicides. Courtesy CDC.

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